05 June 2011

Cartoon Heros

As a child there was nothing more that I loved than coming home from school and watching cartoons. It’s what I did right before going to school and almost the first thing that I did when I got home. It became a bad habit and after a while when more and more homework started being assigned, something that went by the way side. None the less I got to be a part of a generation of kids that had the best cartoons on TV. I watched the X-men animated series, batman, spider man and power rangers (but they don’t count as they’re not animated.)

I’ve blogged about cartoon heroes before but I’d figure with all the super hero movies coming out that I’d touch up on it again. Everyone has their favorites, but to me my favorites always conjured up feelings that I couldn’t explain. All of my little friends loved Batman and while he is super awesome, I was always drawn to Robin. There was something that I liked about him more, he was more approachable, seemed less tight assed about everything. To me Batman was always too high strung. As a kid I couldn’t tell you why I favored him more. I really liked that Robin had a smaller frame, that he was muscular but he would never be Batman. I liked that he was young, smaller framed and Batmans' side kick (although I’m sure that many a comic book reader is gasping because I called him a side kick.)

While reminiscing the other day about my favorite x-men heroes growing up… I started to see why I liked who I liked. (Without reading too much into it.) I really loved and I mean… LOVED Gambit. I loved his accent and the way he carried himself which if I do recall, he was quite the sassy motherfucker. (I’m not sure if he was sassy but I do remember that Wolverine was the one with the anger problems and Gambit dealt with anger in his own wise guy kind of way.) (If anything I’m saying sounds like bullshit, call me out on it because I haven’t seen this stuff since I was like 9.) Any who, I loved it whenever Gambit was in the room doing whatever it was that he was doing. On the same show I also really enjoyed Rogue who looked damn hot in her skin tight suit. I really loved both of those characters and their almost romance. (It all starts to get hazy after a while and I was never able to hang out with other kids my age so pretty soon I lost track of what the heroes were up to.)

What’s interesting (at least when I psychoanalyze it) was my deep desire to be Morph, a hero turned villain in the x-men series. As his name so subtly puts it, he had the power to morph into anyone. If I’m correct all he had to do was touch that person and he could physically change how he talked and how he looked. As a child I always wanted these powers and when I became a teenager and would reflect on super heroes (much like I’m doing now) I always came back to poor ol’ Morph. Ever since I’ve been able to wrap my mind around the concept of being someone else, I’ve wanted to. Not that I had a terrible childhood, but something about being me was hard for me, even as a child. I wanted to be someone who could just change, someone who wasn’t limited by what they looked like, how they spoke, what their parents expected of them… so on and so forth.

I’m growing to realize that yes… I kind of am stuck being this guy… Bobby and I can’t really permanently change that, not that I’d want to. I finally grew into my ears, the semi-effeminate voice (although it gets real deep when I want it to.) my cartoon face, and soon… my body as it is now. I’ll have that super hero body eventually but I’m going to appreciate it as is right now.

I stopped watching cartoons when at a baby sitters house I saw the movie Rocky Horror Picture show about age 11. OMG did that movie do more for me than it need to have had at that age. I’ve grown to be very fond of it now, but seeing Rocky Horror run around in those small gold shorts and Dr. Frankenfurter grind around in fishnets and a corset… really fucked me up. Maybe I wasn’t too young to see that, but I’m pretty sure I was never the same. I love cartoons and always will but there was nothing even remotely close to what I felt seeing Rocky Horror picture show for the first time. Thanks baby sitter.

So what were your favorite heroes growing up? Also… do you think that there was anything in particular that drew you to them? Answer in the comments!


  1. Bobby: I watched a lot of cartoons and afternoon shows growing up because both my parents worked. So after school, it was sit in front of the TV doing homework and watching at the same time. They now call this multi-tasking.

    I remember watching a lot of space sci-fi stuff, like Star Blazers, then The Flintstones. On saturdays I would see Looney Tunes, Superfriends, Scooby-doo, etc. I think I had a crush on Superman, and doesn't everyone wonder whether his super powers extended into the bedroom?

  2. I was a huge fan of Wonder Woman. I had some he-man action figures, they had nice chests. I liked watching the Batman sitcom reruns on Nick at Night. I was drawn to the tights.