14 June 2011

The end of me

This is why boys like me shouldn't have a smart phone with a camera on it.
I was winded, having fun and jogging... so please forgive the weird faces.




  1. Bobby: Oh I see a pool, do we finally get to see you in your summer body, all decked out in red speedos? But the video doesn't play for me. Boo!

  2. Bobby: Safari sucks! I could not see your video play in it but then when I ran Firefox, it worked fine. So I got to see your cute face making funny faces. And BL updated his twitter pic because of you. Yay! You must be his number 1 fan.

  3. Hahaha, when I first heard the boom, boom, boom, and saw the camera bouncing up and down, I though you might pan around and we'd see you and Bex doing the horizontal bop! How do you think she would take a request to see that? I say, ask her.